well, I'm learning guitar... Just have one so far. lol.
I plan to stick with the lessons, btw.
Si I ask you, what are some cool guitars for me to get?

I have:

I want:

Depends on a lot of things..but firstly

Budget? Style of music? Any specific necessities like locking tremolo or 24 frets?
I like to play (or try to play) parts of songs from bands like: Linkin Park, Blink 182, Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin. Rock based. As for the budget, anything under 500 American Dollars.
I'm happy for you. But for us it would be easier to give you any recomentions, when we know the Model / Brand of your guitar. And: Are you looking for a beginner / intermediate oder Pro Guitar?
I personally think it isn't nescessary to own many guitars.
I said I've just taken lessons for about about a month or two. I'm still learning about different types of guitars and their strengths, so I guess beginners.
learn how to play and when i say play i mean play very very well then buy the les paul....so stick with the strat
yah, learn to play before you go out and buy stuff. itll be useless if you can't play well
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yah, learn to play before you go out and buy stuff. itll be useless if you can't play well

that. if you want a better guitar to learn on there are Epi Les Paul's that are pretty decent. it all depends. i've learned on the Ibanez in my sig and it's still going strong for me.
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I wouldn't mind getting an Ibanez, whats the average price?

that depends on what quality you want. you could probably get a pretty decent one for 300-400-ish.

heres a link to one. this is a good one.
Before you go any further, what is your amp?
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Hey, that sounds almost the same as me! I also have a squier strat, play the same kinda stuff, and am looking at getting pretty much the same guitar as you want, only black. Kinda creepy... but anyway, I think an epiphone lep is in your price range and will sound good.
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After a month or two of lessons I'd wait..I didn't get my second guitar until at least 6 months of playing and still managed to regret the purchase. Wait until you get much better and comfortable with playing. But in the meantime, start saving for that next guitar.
Haha. I bought mine in a package. I came with the Squire Strat, and the 15 Wat Fender Amp. Beginners package for about $250.
PRETTY LES PAUL...I want that, too. =D That's nice, but you probably won't be able to get that for under 500$, if it's Gibson, and it looks like it's a Gibson.

Epiphone does a decent Les Paul, especially if you adjust the pickups and find the right amp so that it'll sound great.
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after seeing what amp you have i would definitely suggest upgrading that before you get a new guitar. a good sound is about 80% amp, 18% guitar, and 2% how you play.