hey any good song ideas for some semi easy tool? i need some good jam songs...my bro and his friend doesn't like any songs i like to play...

or fun rage that i can blast with comfort when my parents are home lol
Bottom, Intolerance, Sober, Crawl Away, Aenema.... Those are all fairly easy ones.
You Lied. anything off Opiate and then after than Undertow the album.
Adam Jone's stuff is actually fairly easy. Once you start playing things off Aenima and latter watch out for the time signatures.
If at first you dont succeed,
dragon slaying is not for you.

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Nearly all of his stuff is easy to jam to. Even the time sig. changes can be mastered easily. Only a few that I haven't been able to nail myself.
schism intro is really easy most of there songs are droped D just find some on the site there are alot of them