My preffered format would be Power Tab but if you need to do it in Guitar Pro that's fine, I'm getting it anyway
hey, i dont know the the tab,s oz, but when i saw Buckethead, i had to come in. not many people know about him, so its cool to find another fan. are you even able to do the shredding? its insane, i saw him live in march and id be surprised if you could. send me a link or something of you playing so i can see.
Well I unfortuneately don't have a cam that records decent sound or video. I can sweep pretty good though and I can play John Petrucci Flight of the Bumblebee at pretty much the same speed he does so I'd say im capable. (13nps)

Also, I'm probably gonna end up worling this put myself but please try to help me xPPP

Yeah, I'm a huge Buckethead fan - I can pretty much play Jordan and I wanna learn this epic piece
Hey i love the song Jordan by buckethead too, i am just curious do u know what effects he uses while playing this song beacuase it sounds quite interesting =)
Well in the intro he uses a Killswitch (which I finally installed on my guitar :P), the solo is just him playing.
ok well i can play guitar and all but i know very little about effects and such so could you tell me what a kill switch is because it sounds deadly =D
A killswitch is a standard momentary pickup switch (LOL something along those lines) and mine and bucketheads is a button on the side of your guitar. Say i hit a G chord. When I press the button in it kills the pickup so if i press it really fast you get a stammering effect. Killing the pickup is in effect turning off the guitar so basically a Killswitch lets you be able to turn the volume on and off fast

Original question; ANYONE?
There is not currently an accurate tab for the solo of Soothsayer. Period. Or if there is, the person is stupid and doesn't feel like sharing because they are greedy. However, the author of this tab


Is currently working on Soothsayer. It'll take a while, but from talking to him, it's going to be BETTER than that. And that's perfect....So eventually there will be one, but there isn't yet. In the mean time, you may want to learn Nottingham Lace. That's a great tab for a great song with a great solo.
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