I just wrote this very The Strokish song. As you can see most of the words dont rhyme, like Strokes songs. I don't know how to let you guys hear it with me singing it, but Im just not that satisfied with the lyrics.

Here it is:

Why don't you like me
I thought you always stared at me
But you were just staring at the guy behind me

Why don't you like me
Is it the way I look or dress
I'm sorry miss I digress(or something that rhymes with dress)

I'm so sorry, I'm just not that brave
I don't even know how to say I love you
And go on, don't mind me my beautiful asset
I'm no one go on and nail my casket

Maybe we weren't meant for each other
But my heart says no, it says I love you so
I just can't hide this felling anymore
I'm all set , I'm telling you but

I'm so sorry, I should've let you know
How my heart felt when you kissed that other soul
Oh go on, I know your mind is made up
Just leave me here to die and dry

- Me

Yes. I know its noobish and kinda overacting but with my guitar it kinda sounded cool. Some parts seem like they don't fit with each other but trust me, when I sing it, it sounds like a funky Strokes song.

Can you guys suggest any better lyrics or criticiz me.