well, my car has had some minor damage (golf cart running into it, my brother hitting another car), and the paint on the bumper is chipped away.

how should I paint the chipped away areas? My step dad believes that If I paint over the original coat, it will chip even more.

what i want to do is paint the areas that are chipped away, which may result in painting over a few small small small areas

my step dad wants to remove all the covering because he believes if I paint over it, it will just chip again. he defends this view by saying he has painted over it before, and it just kept chipping. but i know that the chipping was due to it getting hit by golf carts, and I never saw him paint over it before.

removing all of the paint just seems pointless, and I all in all I want to know if painting over a few small parts would be bad/cause more chipping
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Sand and paint simple as that. Google it man youl get better answers than all of the 12 year olds in the pit will give you
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go to a the dealership, and ask for a container of touch-up paint
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Sanding, a coat of primer, and repaint.
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Sanding, a coat of primer, and repaint.

+1, if you want it to look right. You could get some touch up paint to cover the chips but you'd notice it a mile off.

And if you paint it, read up on how to do it properly. It really is too easy to fuck it up.
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my brother rolled my truck and it had a bunch of scratches on the side and he sanded the areas, bondo, sand, and then paint. it looks ok for a home job. been there for a little less than a year and its still lookin good
I had to do my wing recently. We sanded the area back to bare metal (bigger than the damage) then put filler in to smooth out the dings. Primed it. Smoothed that with 600 Wet/dry, followed by 1200 Wet/dry. Painted it with a spray paint matching the code that was under the bonnet (yes it was car paint) left it to dry and then Laquered it.

I think that was all....but yeah google is your friend...i was lucky my dad used to paint cars.