I didn't know where to post, I was hoping this is a good place to. Thanks for feedback. Title says all btw.
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Go with Ibanez...Or if you're going high-end, get a Jackson.
go to this site www.media-convert.com

and then browse for the file and it shud automatically pick up its a wav.
then scroll down a bit and click "OK"

then just ok on the enxt screen and it will convert!
This is true...to the pit....but since you asked....you download a program, like freerip or any other MP# converter, set it to output as Mp3 and you are done

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firstly, careful when choosing forums where to post your threads.It doesnt seem suitable for me.Secondly, if you have Nero Burning Rom or simply the software Nero 7, you should have a converter there.If not, you can download a converter from the internet, there are some trials for free