I'll start off by saying I have a basic knowledge of electronics and electricity. I know how components work and what they do, but I'm trying to figure out a way to translate that into modifying sound. Anyone know a good source to learn this stuff?

Something that I think would help immensely is a circuit simulation program where I can use the speaker input (plug my guitar into) and my computer speakers, and then mess with circuitry between them. We had such a program in my digital electronics class, but I can't remember what it was called.
i'm interested in this too. i've built plenty of circuits, i just don't exatly know what modifies the sound.. i'll probably just buy a whole bunch of components if this thread doesnt pan out.

was it called Spice or 5Spice?

look through these and let me know what it is if its there
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I found it, it is called Multisim but it's a $2500 program. I've got a student account with Autodesk so I'm downloading Autocad Electrical (free).
Well the major problem I've found using the computer software is that it takes about 10 minutes to process about one second of recorded audio.

That and I copied a circuit of an overdrive and it was so broken and harsh...