well.. It's my dad's birthday, and he wished a special gift from me and my sister: he want us to learn and play a Dire Straits song for him

neither me or my sister have listened to them too much so we're desperately looking for a song to play, preferably playable with one guitar and a bass or two guitars.

You like it
seems quite obvious here <.<

i'll check'em out, thanks
You like it
play down by the waterline.
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Sultans of Swing or Lady Writer
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Money For Nothing
Sultans of Swing

Brothers in Arms ...

/my knowledge of DS

What this guy said
i've checked the sultans of swing..

I'll tell you: We'll take it

You like it
Sultans is classic, Money for Nothing is great too, Walk of life, Brother in Arms........

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Romeo and Juliet is one of the most underrated songs ever
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Telegraph Road, Calling Elvis
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i've checked the sultans of swing..

I'll tell you: We'll take it


np probably should be in the top 20 songs of all time
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Romeo and Juliet or lady writer...
not the really really famous songs so he might like them more if he is a fan... or find his fav?

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Speaking of "The Brown Album" by Primus


Best song ever .

Also try "Money For Nothing". The other songs are too keyboard based so you will need a keyboard for other songs.

EDIT: If you get a keyboard, try "Brothers In Arms", "Walk Of Life", and "Tunnel Of Love".

And listen to them anyway since they are awesome.

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Romeo and Juliet is one of the most underrated songs ever

Sultans of Swing, Telegraph Road, Brothers in Arms and Love Over Gold.

Or, Walk of Life. Coz that's always hilariously corny.

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definately romeo and juliet. It's much easier to learn (I think). It's very simple and your sister might like it a bit more.
sultans of swing.

but this is old post now. how did your dads birthday go?
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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