I think I'm supposed to ask before I do this, whatever.

The Guts, an awesome pop-punk band from Portsmouth, NH. Featuring ex-members of The Queers and The Nobodys. They released a comp of all of their older stuff a couple years ago, and that's pretty good. They have a new album coming out later this month, and could easily be the best record to come out this year. Check it out, yo.

The Guts are great. I've only seen them three times though. I don't usually get out to the seacoast area that often.
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Love this band
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I can't get into them. I downloaded 11 songs from "Sometimes You Just Can't Win" awhile ago, and I wasn't feeling it. Is there any other albums you guys would suggest that are better?
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That's just the collection of everything they had done up to that point. All of that pales in comparison to this new album. Seriously, it's amazing.
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This shtick is bitchen, why does new hampshire/maine/ kinda massachusetts produce such good pop-punk? Is it because we are just not as tough as LA or New York or DC or something?
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