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If that was red, i would be in love!

There green, not a big fan!
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I like the green. However almost all of the robot guitar colours have been god-awful.
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The first one is barely tolerable, but that second one looks like the color of rotted vegetables...

i like the purple and the blue

its supposed to look futuristic and metallic, not like normal guitar colors
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I love them! I wouldn't get them, but gosh, they look nice in that colour.
Compared to the others, those are the best they've made. But I wonder why they just don't make NORMAL colors..they'd probably make more money. I don't care if it's "futuristic" they're ugly as hell. I'd consider buying one if they were in a normal color. (And a lot cheaper..)
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SG one looks stupid. But the Les Paul looks great. I loved the original color of it though
i dont like the green, it reminds me of a pile of cut grass that sat in the rain.

i like the purple, though.
They look pretty cool in my opinion and you guys sound like a bunch of Cinderellas, remember how she bitched about a green dress? Yeah, that's all of you whiners, as if you could afford this "nasty" looking guitar anyways.
I think for some reason it suits the Les Paul but not the SG
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I absolutely love the green. If they would make an SG without the robotics in it I'd probably buy it!
That Les Paul looks ****in' CLASS.
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why cant gibson just make them in all the normal colours

Because they're robot guitars. Robot guitars can't be in normal colors, you fool!

Now all they need to do is make it transform into an actual robot....
I love that shade of green. Why so much hate towards the Robot guitars?

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I think tis pretty nice but id rather save ALOT of money and spend 5 minutes tuneing it myslef

but thats just me

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Love the colors, hate the ****ing guitar. Such a stupid idea. But don't get me wrong, I love Gibson, and love Les Pauls and SGs.

i think its an awesome idea

in my opinion, since this is new technology etc. gibson should have played it safe and use standard colours (black, red, blue etc)s
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I think tis pretty nice but id rather save ALOT of money and spend 5 minutes tuneing it myslef

but thats just me

It's for people who need to switch tunings a lot during a show.
It looks cool. Not as cool as the purple though.
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Meh, not too keen on the Robot guitar, the colour does nothing for me either, i think they'd look nice is metallic black.
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I liked the Les Paul, not the SG though.
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well green's my favorite color, so i think they're awesome. i thought the purple ones looked like **** tho.
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looks pretty good
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