Hey guys, i have an ESP LTD MH-400 (emg 81 & 85) and i play metal (maiden,megadeth,etc.) and i was wondering if a fender hotrod deluxe and a tube screamer will give me that 80's metal sound (and give me a modern distortion too). What amp + pedal do you recommend?? My price range for an amp (must be tube) is about $750, and I jam with friends once in a while, and I dont care about the pedal price. Thanks in advance!!
ive heard that peavey is unreliable :S
dont know if this is true but yea...
what about pedals??
I second the Randal RG50TC. I wish they had a 212 combo for that thought.

You would not need a distortion pedal to boost this thing, its got a load of gain.
Id suggest a EQ pedal, and a ISP noise gate. THeng et all the other things you like; delay, reverb.
You'd be better off with the VK, trust me.
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just wondering...if I were to get a fender hot rod deluxe, would it be good for metal as long as I get a good pedal? If so, what pedal would you guys recommend?

EDIT: Why would you guys recommend the vk or the Randal RG50TC?? I'd just like to know the ups and downs
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^No. They are unreliable and not that good sounding. He would be better off with that Randall or maybe a Bugera. Bugera sounds good but it really isn't known how reliable they are. Try for a used Traynor YCS50 for a great Maiden sounding distortion.

All of those would work MUCH better than the valveking.
Alright. It's more of a modern metal voiced amp. Maiden used Marshall amps so they will sound a bit middier. That is why you might want a Traynor YCS. It sounds british (like a Marshall) and can sound American (like a mesa or Fender).
alright... any specific Traynor i should get??
Oh and btw, thanks alot for the help
i gotta go with a JCM 900 with a MXR 108 10 band EQ, OMG!!!!, you will do anything from C.C.R to Slayer with that combo. i just got a MXR 10 band today, it`s the best thing i coulda bought for my amp.