I have a Jackson RR guitar. When playing either:


in dropped



in normal

I get a sound that sounds distinctly out of tune, much more so in normal, but if I let the notes sustain and ring, the sound comes in tune shortly.

Its only in these power chords that I get this sound. I have set the intonation and tuning both with a digital tuner (and they are perfect ofc.) in the odd case that my ear is failing me.

I have tried fiddling for hours with bridge height, intonation and tuning and I can't seem to get it to come right. The rest of the guitar sounds absolutely perfect and plays very well, but of course, those two chords are "spammed" in almost any song resembling metal, so its essential they sound good.

I'm using Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkies (11s) and the guitar is tuned down to dropped C, but I have tried in dropped D aswell and the same problem persists.

I'm baffled with what else to try to solve this problem, I have 3 other guitars in a similar setup and I certainly don't have this problem on them, but the Jackson by far delivers an overall superior sound (the only through body guitar I have) and plays far nicer, and is very light which is great for standing with it for hours on end. I would really like to make this my primary guitar, but can't till I sort this out.

Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any help here.
taking a stab that you're tuning your guitar up and down WAY too low way too often,
get it set up again, and try and stay between d flat and d.
if you're going to C for a while, you'll need to get it set up again
One Thing that might have an affect is if you r have a Wah pedal connected and turned on
and u haven't realised cause that happened to me once while my band was Jamming but if thats not the then ya u will most likely need to re set up the guitar as said above
You probably just want to tune the E string with the tuner and just tune in the fifths. If i tune each string with the electric tuner it ends up out of tune, if i tune by fifths im always dead on.
Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

In reply to some of what you guys have suggested:

1. Tuning up and tuning down: I haven't really tuned it up and down, the guitar has been almost entirely in dropped C, I had it up in dropped D for a short while just to test if the the higher tension from a higher tuning would help. 11 gauge strings in dropped D are fairly taught. That said, its probably worthwhile to restring from scratch, even though the strings still have that very new and unbroken sound to them (I have changed them twice since getting the guitar, the guitar is still pretty new).

2. Wah pedal: I wish it was something that simple =). I'm just testing straight into my practice amp, a cube 60 (I have tried in my mesa triple rec aswell, its still a very distinct out of tune sound on those power chords).

3. Digital Tuner: I know exactly what your saying about using the tuner does not get you dead on. I almost always use my ear to tune, I find using chords to tune instead of fifths with some distortion on and tuning into that "perfect hum" is about as close as it gets to perfection, I'm lightning fast at this method aswell.
if you have a high fret (in the second chord) and fret, it'll sound sharp if fret too hard?

maybe wt the open strings, they are noticable off tune because the strings are getting old?

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