So while going to my guitar lesson today, at a music shop in the middle of good ol' nowhere, I spied a very peculiar archtop guitar with "Goya" printed on the top. As I'm primarily a jazz and blues player, as well as interested in old guitars (which it appeared to be) I investigated. I played it during my lesson, and to my pleasure the action was very, very low and the tone was very nice too, from what I could hear out of the little practice amp I had to use. Research has shown me that it is a Goya Rangemaster 107 made in Italy, same as the one here.


The music store is selling it for $495 which seems like a very good offer to me, especially since I was looking to trade in my MIM strat, but I haven't been able to find any kind of price estimate for these guitars. It seems to be in very good condition rather than some wear and tear and some cracks in the finish on one side where it has probably been banged, can anyone tell me what this guitar might really be worth? Thanks to any help.
Do you happen to know if that shop has any decent tube amps? If so, well, play it through there and explore its tonal possibilities. If you like the sound more than the Strat, go for it. simple as that.

Or, even better, bring in your amp, since that's the one you'd be using it through anyway.

It looks pretty sweet, in any case.
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Yeah, the strat has been sitting in my basement for probably a year now unplayed and is in mint condition, so to say that I'm willing to trade it in is an understatement. I was planning on taking in my amp, but thanks for the good advice. I'm pretty much sold on buying it a lot based on the playability but just the antique value it has interests me. It seems to me like the Goya should be worth more if anything and was just curious if anybody knew. Thanks for any more help anyone has.
Sorry, this just got buried while I still have no answer, anyone please? Bump.
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