first off, thanks for commenting on my song. i like your song alot actually. very interesting and catchy sounding. sounds great by itself but would sound awesome with some drums and a sweet bass line.
Hmm, as it stands, it doesn't all seem to fit very well. But you definitely have some really really good ideas going on there, so yes, it's good enough to keep messing with. All you'd have to do is move things around a bit and work it out a little more and it'd be awesome. But that's just my opinion.
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Not too shabby. Nice crunchy clean tone you got there. Sounds like you added some compressor to it eh? Kinda sounds like something you hear in a movie about life down on the bayou. Pretty good for an improv'ed piece. Would like to hear some of these chords and ideas formed into a song with some structure. Great job.

Thanks for for crit.
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Hmm... Some interesting ideas, but I'm not really digging the tone for what you're doing.

This kind of thing, for me, is all about clean, jangly, reverb-outta-your-ass tone. Humongous, giant, hall-filling tone. Led Zeppelin acoustic massive tone. This compressed deal isn't my bag.

Also, I know it was improv, but I also think things of this nature generally work better if you get into a very distinctive groove. Most of this felt "forced," or maybe just awkward. I think with noticeable, planned speeding up and slowing down, you can give it some real pacing. Think of Led Zeppelin's slide guitar stuff. Like Roy Harper or something.

I also think in the middle of all the chordage some little single note runs could be effective.

but really, it's you thing, so take it with a grain of salt.
my main point is that the tone sounds too sharp....almost like its causing the microphone to clip constantly throughout the song.

country aint my bag so thats all ill say.

crit mine?

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i thought the tone was a bit to crackily. how did you record? there's a lot of clipping. i really like the feel of this song. you should develop it
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Did you tune that to open Dm?

The chords sound good, and I like that turnaround lick around 1:20. It seemed like you were ending the song though, 30 seconds before the end of the recording. That last verse seems out of place