I got a new PA that has the ability to wire the two 8 ohm speakers in parallel. It has one output off the PA for each speaker, so 2 outputs in total. One running to each speaker. But each speaker has two inputs. Running the output to only one of the inputs drives the speaker in series. Wiring it with a splitter before the speaker, would run them in parallel. Now would running the 8 ohm speaker in parallel drop the ohm rating down to 4?

I dont know if any of that made sense, cause it confuses the hell out of me. BUt basically, can you run an 8 ohm speaker in parallel and drop the rating down to 4 ohms?
yeah it drops the resistance

formula: 1/R = 1/r + 1/r ...

where "R" is the total resistance and the "r"s are your resistances in the circuit

so: 1/R = 1/8 + 1/8
1/R = 2/8
1/R = 1/4

R = 4
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