Okay so my skin on my left ring finger is always wearing down because of my bass playing. However, I recently cut my finger by a thorn on a rose. My finger is killing me and I cant play my bass! Band aids dont work, neither does tape.
Any suggestions?
duct tape
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rub icyhot on it

Is that a banhammer I hear?

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Um...wait until it heals somewhat. That should be obvious. Don't forget to disinfect it.
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Okay well I want whiter teeth... and I would like to know if rubbing sandpaper on your teeth is safe or not.
lol...the irony of being injured by a rose

place a piece of cotton then tape it to the finger
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Um...wait until it heals somewhat. That should be obvious. Don't forget to disinfect it.

Oh yeah, I have to do that!
It sucks I have band practice tomorrow now with my sub par index fingerless playing.
Superglue the cut closed.

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Is that a banhammer I hear?

someone can seriously get banned from saying that?
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Wait till it heals or use new skin....stings like phuck but is good.
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either keep playing to build up the callus, or put superglue on it.

My callus didnt hurt at all until the cut because of the rose.
i say just try not to use it for a while, disinfect it, keep it clean and put cotton on it and wrap it with tape
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My callus didnt hurt at all until the cut because of the rose.

must not be much of a callous, or one hell of a thorn
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superglue, but it does get gross on your strings if you overdo it
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Or put some of that superglue bandaid stuff on it
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Superglue, eh?
Never heard that one before.
Anyone my finger is a little better I'm using it on occasion now, but mostly sticking with my ring and middle. Thanks guys!
Use a pick until your finger heals.
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