Apparently I hear it's really good japanese practice to listen to music in japanese and my friend who also does japanese has got loads of it, the problem is that it's pop and with the exception of the occasional guitar solo is totally unlistenable to me
so are there any Heavy Metal or Hard Rock japanese bands who sing in japanese you guys know of?
Try Meguni Hayashibara. She does a mixture of soft pop music, some quite soulful stuff, heavier synth and also the Neon Genesis Evangelion theme tune.
Dir en Grey
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Try Hime by Miyavi. although they might be Koreans... Great, great song!
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GLAY, Gackt and L'arc~en~Ciel have some great tracks. Most of it's radio-friendly rock though, so not much heaviness.

As suggested, Dir en grey, DéspairsRay and Miyavi are all great too. Also check out Dragon Ash.

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if you're interested, Phish's song Meatstick was occasionally performed with Japanese lyrics when played live time to time
paul gilbert's boku no atama is entirely japanese. its catchy, too.
Thats all i can really help you with
try an cafe. the guitar isnt that bad, even though the guitarist (bou) looks like a chick, and is obviously the most homosexual person ever.
Ichirin no hana by High and Mighty Colors is pretty good
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Sex Machineguns - Aijin 28. Sick song.


Sex Machineguns kick ass, but I prefer Tekken II


Also have a look around for the tracks High Speed Samurai and Inu No Seikatsu.
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X Japan

They have a few albums in japanese and their stuff is pretty metal.
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X Japan!!! I have some of their best songs on my profile page. Songs: Be sure to listen to Rusty Nail and Tears!!! Silent Jealousy for a more metal sound, Drain for sort of an Industrial sound.
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