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Ah... so that explains why the ones I looked at on eBay looked like 8- tracks.

So true, I believe GC sells them too. They are certainly bigger than an ipod, but are made to hook to your belt so you can walk around with headphones on. Try one out, they are fun and I have tried a lot of headphone type gadgets, that one was the best.
this would be kinda a lotta work but you could getta valve junior and a minimass ( attenuator) mod the valve junior to have a line out that way you could still use it as a normal amp plus when you watned to be silent you could just use the attenuator as a dummy load and use the line out for head phones, a win win situation plus youd still be under 200 for that ( or maybe just a hair over )
too much to list

Soldering iron:15 dollars
Amp kit: 500 dollars
solder: 5 dollars
Burning the crap outta your fingers: priceless
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