Which should I get for the following:

bright tone

good upper-mids and highs

decent OD

takes pedals well


not too heavy

good 1st tube amp (yes, I'm a noob, playing 2 years)

Fender Super Champ


Crate V-Series
The Crates arent too bad. Check out some of the youtube videos, they are really good for blues and clean stuff. Id imagine they would have no problem taking an od, as the amp could use some pushing gain-wise. And honestly, few or no tube amps in this price range are footswitchable. I think the cheapest would be a Crate V32 or a Valveking (both around the $400 mark). So out of those two, id go with a 15w V-series.
I play classic rock (Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Stones, David Bowie, etc.)

some classic folk (Bob Dylan, Byrds, etc.)