Hey guys,

I just wanted to ask you guys about digital amps and what they are like. Do any of you own digital amps? If so, are they good?


PS: I've seen this amp and was wondering if it is worth buying: Yamaha BBT500
The amp sounds like it would be okay, but keep in mind it's going to sound very cold and some of the features on it will not be like the real thing.

You see, analog (not digital) amps have impurities and imperfections in them that gives them character and their own individual sound. You remove that and what you are left with is a tone without its character.
If you listen to digital or satellite radio and then compare it to a well tuned analogue - there are clear differences.

Digital has more compression on it and all the levels seem squashed somehow. This means you may lose some of the dynamics of your playing. Digital also seems a bit lifeless and flat, it doesnt have the warmth that analogue has.

In the UK theyre all pushing for digital radio as the next big thing but tbh, its a waste of time - apart from the extra stations. Analogue nearly always sounds better.

In recording studios theyve moved away from analogue in recent years tho. Digital technology is a million miles ahead of analogue and its getting better every year! Top studios will spend loads on good A/D converters because of the benefits of digital editing. If you've ever been in a studio you'll know what i mean - they can shift the pitch of the vocals to the correct note, cut and paste as many times as they want, layer things, add effects, so on and so on. But these studios cost $$$$$ to build.

No need to faff around with miles of tape anymore!

In conclusion, i think that digital should be avoided unless youre gonna spend some serious money on it or it has uber handy features like a USB output so you can plug it into your comp and reap the benefits of digital recording.

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