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I made this song for a project at my school. It was a fairly interesting project, as we were each assigned a planet and told to make a song that corresponded to the Vibrational Tuning of that planet. The idea is that every planet has a certain frequency, and by basing your song around that frequency (in various octaves) your song will take on a new emotional content that resonates strongly with people. I don't know about all that, but the song turned out awesome, so I present it to you, the good people of UG Original Recordings. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. If anyone's interested in hearing more about this Vibrational Tuning stuff, I can give you some more information, as it can be a great creative tool and a good starting point for creating music.
I loved it. Great instrumental. Very "Tool-esque". I liked the delay riff and when the piano came in behind it, it just all came together. And at 1:42 when the snare starts to build up and *WHAM* every thing just comes at you. Awesome stuff dude. Also a great job on the mix. Everything was separated very well and no 2 instruments were competing for sonic space.

Fantastic job. 10/10. You deserve an A on the project. Looking forward to more songs from you in the future.

If you don't mind returning a crit.....
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really cool! that first effect is really sweet how did you do that? Really cool man, production is sick! drums sound great how did you do them? overall great job! The layering is a great idea. I like the little crowd yell part thats cool, kinda like the new DT albumish yells. The song reminds me alot of Spocks Beard too. Great Job. I want to know about vibrational tuning! btw, where do you go to school?

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That was epic. How did you do the drums? They sound fantastic.. very well done, and what mark did you get?