I've been doing research into some pickup brands for that slash solo tone

I been considering this brand called GFS, if someone has these pickups

('buckers version), do they have a good sound?

If not what brand/pickup can you recommend

(Oh and this is for the neck position)

I appreciate your help ahead of time
get the jsx before you buy the pickups
Schecter Omen 6 (Dimarzio X2N & Tone Zone)
Engl Fireball
Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 Cab
Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro IIs and use the neck pickup.

If you really wanna rip off his sound, get his signature axe.

Or you could be original and make your own tone. There's already a Slash - do we really need two?

Just a thought.
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The ones he has in his Les Pauls is the Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro IIs. Hope that helps

well my guitar is an SG and I already got a DiMARzio Evolution PuP for the bridge for those clear heavy metal riffs and solos

But I want to contrast it with a Pup that can have that creamy, awesome solo sound like Slash

Unfortunately I'm on a budget and I can't buy a Duncan so that's why I'm lookin into brands such as GFS