I like to play blues, but is there anything wrong with learning metallica's one? I mean it's a classic...
if you want to play a song, it doesnt matter what it is,

dont tie yourself to one gene and if you have to, just pretend that hammet is really more blusey than they might think (the fact he was described by slayers KK as a "blues playing has been" might help )

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Kudos on being a fellow blues guitarist, but in all fairness it is a pretty daft question - it's like asking "I eat oranges, but is it ok to eat apples to?"

Some people would say no. They say all fruit is bad. But they are spotty and never see the light of day.

Dang I'm drowning in metaphors here.
Dont limit your options so far as music goes. Music is a beautiful thing, and it doesnt matter what kind. You dont have to stick to one genre. Thats just ignorant. Listening to many different things makes you a more diverse player. Music is like porno. It gets boring wanking to **** on **** action day after day. Im not gay.
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what a stupid question. My main genre is blues, but I also play metal, hard rock, classic rock, bluegrass, funk, soul, and more. Just play what you want, man.
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