My band is looking for songs that have:
2 guitars
1 piano
screaming or ****ty singing (cur our singer's isnt very good)
and our drumming is intermediate at best

Any propositions?
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There are tons of songs like that. If you get a better singer you can do "Don't Stop Believing". It's an amazing song.
Put a guitarist on bass and change the piano to synths.
Get a good singer and you have the ultimate lineup.
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Put a guitarist on bass and change the piano to synths.
Get a good singer and you have the ultimate lineup.

...but you're still not Dream Theater.
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mindless self indulgence... guitars- kind of simple just chords... piano can play the bass and octaves... the singer can scream along with the band.
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There's very little that a bass player can do that a piano player can't do with his (or her) left hand.

What a crock, I'd like to see a piano player lift all the bands gear with their left hand
+1 for the mindless self indulgence.
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or like retro rocker sed, put the pianist on synth and have him play Bass on the keyboard and you cud play pretty much aything, otherwise try and play november rain by GNR i would do anything for lov by meatloaf but ur gna need a better singer tho
you can do pretty much anything you want, especially since the piano doesn't have any practical range limitations, just do new arrangements of whatever you want.
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Put a guitarist on bass and change the piano to synths.
Get a good singer and you have the ultimate lineup.

Or you could leave it as it is and basicaly have the same lineup as The Doors but with an extra guitarist.
Try 'Roadhouse Blues' and get the piano player to really go to town on the lower end of the scale.

Many early rock 'n' roll bands had a similar line up but with a 'stand up' or 'double' bass. (this was before Leo Fender invented the bass guitar)
Drums, piano and amplified guitar are all pretty loud in a live, situation, (this was also before they started using a PA for anything but vocals) but a plucked double bass was pretty quiet, (although a double bass has a large acoustic sound box, it also has tiny little 'f' holes carved in it to let the sound out, play it with a bow however and you get a lot more volume out of it because that's what it's designed for) so live, it would get lost in the mix, so they used to get the piano player to accentuate the bass parts, which is where the 'boogie woogie' or 'honkytonk' style of piano playing started.
Later, double bass players started hitting the strings with a small metal bar, to get more volume out of it, and you started getting stripped down, three piece rock 'n' roll or 'rockabilly' bands. So stripped down infact that sometimes the drum kit comprised of nothing more than a snare drum.
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My band has 2 guitarists, a pianist (whos also a gospel/opera singer) and a deathmetal bassist. We make it work. Its all about the bassist really. Guitars focus on harmony sred, piano with light chord progs and the bass has room to go wild. Lots of slapping, tapping and whatnot.
Porcupine Tree.
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Porcupine Tree.

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thought SW was only guitarist though and just did alot of overdubbs lol
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