I want to know if it affects ´cause my friends guitar and mine have sound different...so while the gauge is bigger it has a heavier tone¿
That is true to a point but string gauge is just one, very small, part of a huge equation most of which is taken up by two things: the amp and your playing.

Without a good amp and at least confident playing you'll never sound good live.
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Well, there is also the fact of your style. Thicker strings are harder to bend, so if you like bending, you probably won't want to use strings over gauge 10. If you get cheap strings, it will affect the sound, but that is definitely one of the very lesser things on the road to guitar tone.
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yeah....why else would there be different gauges..

For different tunings and tensions? I'm pretty sure that miniscule difference in sound that can require you to completely re-setup your guitar and change the hardware you're using is NOT just a side-effect...

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String gauge normally effects the "beefy-ness" in your tone.

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i always use thin gauge i personally think its sounds better

i use ernie ball 9 super slinky
I use a heavier gauge than normal, it gets me that beefy sound I love.
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