Come see my band Apex of Extinction on Sunday at the Dome, Tufnell Park
Tickets should only be a fiver and doors are probably at 3 so come along
We'll be doing a short instrumental set probably, we're between vocalists
I only heard of this gig 3 hours ago and have no idea who else is on the bill, but come along, it's be nice to see an even bigger crowd this time round
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I'm tempted on going to a gig on sunday, shame I have no idea what kind of music you play or anything like that. Say more about your band please.
The link is to our myspace, we have a 50-second teaser up. We're kind of progressive melodic thrash/death metal in drop D. Mix Trivium with Insomnium, Scar Symmetry and a load of other bands and you're kinda close
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Ah, you're good at what you do, really tight sound, but it's not my thing. Good luck on Sunday anyway.