I'm applying for a job at Staple's as a computer floors sales-men. In the interview, they will test me on my computer knowledge. What types of things do you think I should know?
You'll also probably want to know something about the company.
And prepare to be answer the question: "Tell me about yourself"
Do not just say you like to work with people. That's bad. Liking to work with computers is vague too. Elaborate.

And good luck
All interviews I've been to (and it's been quite a few) have asked me something to the effect of the following:

Name a time when you had a deadline and met it.
Name a time when you used team work.
Name a time when you received criticism and how you responded to it.

And a lot more like that. They're no fun to answer; be prepared.
And I mean that in the best possible way.
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How to use torrents
How to avoid spyware when looking for porn
How to find free porn
How to get full albums
and Microsoft Word

OMG! A NON-POKEMON ANSWER! Funny never-the-less.
They're just gonna ask basic run-of-the-mill A+ certification questions.

Basicly, if you have a pulse and have used a computer more then to play minesweeper, you'll be fine.
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Use a charismatic speach about change. Soon he'll forget about the questions he asked.

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