Hey everybody, this weekend in my town a festival is playing with a bunch of bands (none special, mostly cover bands) and a bunch of other things come to the town, but for the second year in a row, their isn't going to be rides . So we've resorted to just getting drunk in public most of the time and just having fun with all the friends and people that come to see it. I happen to have had an idea instead of risking getting caught drinking underaged and in public, my idea was to get a Camelback (hydration backpack) and filling it with the alcohol and mixing it in the bag. Of course it will not be beer because it'd foam up and most likely explode, so my idea was this: since I have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning to go to work and I get off in the early afternoon, my drink of choice is going to be 4 redbull mixed with a mickey of Jagermeister, seeing as this is one of my favourite drinks, and I'll be up pretty late in the night, so the red-bull will keep me going. My main question is will putting this drink mix in a camelback turn out bad? A friend of mine said that his older step-brother tried it with Gin and Sobe and it broke the camelback and he was supposing the alcohol burnt through the rubber canteen in the backpack, but since I'm doing it with 35% alcohol Jager and mixing it down with 4 redbull, I don't think this should be a problem if it's true. Anybody know if this is true, or other things that can go wrong with the set-up? Oh and just so you know, the dosage is 2L of redbull will give you heart disturbances. Thanks.
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Thanks for the help dick****, because you know police around the festival don't care about 16 year olds drinking hard liquor in public, not too mention 4 of my friends getting busted last year at the same festival.
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