We're a Metalcore/Deathcore/Thrash band.

We sound like Unearth, Winds of Plague (you get the general idea...)

We have a BOTB coming up tomorrow, at Darkslide Skatepark in Texarkana Texas.

Come show your support if anyone browsing these forums lives in the area.

The link to our page is in my siggy =]
sorry man, but that's a really lame name for a Metalcore/Deathcore/Thrash band. If you want anybody to take you seriously in those genres, i suggest a name change. =/
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Thanks thunderbox.

We've got 2 shows coming up on the 14th and 17th, after we play them we're gonna record 2-3 of our songs (It's all we have money for, Darkslide rips people off, they charge $10 to get in, the place gets packed, and the bands only get paid about $12-15.)

I'll let ya know when we get some up =]