I went to the local pawn shop today to pick out my next project and I stumbled upon a gem of a project guitar.

Its an Ibanez GAX budget guitar, but had a stunning grain. I quick check revealed it has an Agathis or Basswood body, and pretty much everything else is expendable. I'm going to strip it, stain it a dark walnut color, fit it with some GFS Humbuckers or PAF's, new bridge, possibly a Bigsby (but I might just keep it hardtail), new electronics (it has low quality mini-pots and I will have none of that )

The only catching point is the neck. I highly dislike think Ibanez necks, so I am going to replace it with a thicker fender styled neck. I haven't decided whether or not to attempt to craft one myself or whether I want to just order one off of allparts or similar (its a 24.75" scale length, which Stewmac doesn't carry). How difficult is it to carve a neck in all for someone who isn't particularly perfect at woodworking?

And now for awful cell phone pictures since my real camera died (grrrr)...

More details to follow...
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how much did you get that for?

and neck making isnt too hard. I am currently making my first neck and it is going great. If you have the right tools and take your time you should be able to do it.

good luck!
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It was $100 for the guitar, not too much off of list (it retails for $150 at musiciansfriend), but hell, $100 is not much out've my savings so I figured it was worth it. Plus the shape is a nice departure from the strats I have.

I ordered pickups and electronics yesterday. Pups are GFS Retrotron Nashvilles (Filtertron style humbuckers). I have a set of Fat PAF's in my other guitar if I like the sound of those better, but I figured might as well have one guitar with each
I have that EXACT same guitar and im bustin to fix it up with a bigsby trem and some better pickups!! I'll be keepin an eye on this one!
Zombifies thread....

Well, now that I'm back from a trip to the other side of the world, I'm restarting this project. Today I sanded the body, smoothed the bevels and contours to make it more sleek, and restained it (Minwax English Chesnut flavor). Tomorrow I should be able to apply the poly finish (and another coat of stain if I decide I want it a little darker) then wait another two days before buffing it. I ordered some of the parts and they came whilst I was away.

2x GFS Retrotron Nashville Pups
2x Potentiometers
2x Capacitor
2x Chrome Tele Knobs

I still need to order

But those can be figured out over the rest of the summer. Once phase one of the project is done, it'll be semi-playable at least and then its onto phase two.

Pictures will come in an hour or so when its dried and I can get some space on my camera
Although I hated this series...this thing is gonna look bitchin when its done

Sorry for the dark picture, and more might be coming soon, I can't seem to find the charger for my camera...

looks good, plays awesomely. Next up is neck stuff.

[edit] and don't mind the missing knob, i need to get a small screwdriver to put it back on...
make it look like a PRS Miraaaaaaaaa
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So is it all finished now? How is it?

I got an Ibanez GAX-75 (basically the same model as yours), and I'm thinking of putting GFS liverpool retrotrons in it. So basically it'll be close to your guitar. How does it sound now with the new retrotron pickups?
Its mostly finished as of now. I took it apart again this week after ordering a replacement nut (the old one broke) and realizing that the stupid neck used a different style nut. I took that as a sign that I shouldn't half-ass it and ordered a new neck off Allparts on monday. When I did have it wired up, the pickups sounded decent. I liked the sound of the Fat PAF's I had in my Squier rebuild better so they're in it now. While it was disassembled, I took the opportunity to sand the finish down (I wanted to wait for the lacquer to completely harden, and I have it sanded smooth and buffed. Its not a mirror finish, but its a kinda semi-gloss, mirror when looking at an angle.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow for a week and when I get back, the new neck should be in and then it should be finished. I'll get pictures and sound clips uploaded when its done if you want. It didn't seem like there was too much interest in the project so I stopped updating the thread.
i liked it better in red! but it's still awesome looking
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Porn (sorry people with slow interent):

The headstock will probably get painted and decal'd around christmas time when I get off from school

The cable tie is because the headstock isn't angled and I forgot to take this into account when I designed the headstock. I need to get a bar style string tree to replace it with. Where can I find one of those?
it looks like the old tables you find in pubs (y) and ebay?
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