i own one and i really really like it. i dont play with distortion too much, so its perfect cause its kinda versatile with all its eq knobs. top boost is awesome too, great for soloing and makes an instant pantera like squeel distortion. very very good distortion pedal, especially for the price. and its great for down tuned chord chugging . think a mix between metallica and slipknot on full distortion.
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sounds good.. heard alot of good things about it but some bad so would like to hear some more opinions.. going to try it out sooner or later..

how is it though like is it thin or anything.. I want some decent low end so like when it switches on my tone doesn't go from a nice acoustic to a bad sounding distortion.. or weak
I found it thin, harsh, and the top boost function was useless.

Of course I played it through a fender, so I don't know?
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I had the MM for a while. I think this is the magic rule for it. MM+dark amp = good times. MM+bright amp=beehive. I tried it with my mg, i got a lot of Mesa rectifier characteristics. Then i ran it with my dsl, and it sounded like a thin harsh bee hive, it had like a loud open wah sound. I say try it with your rig and see what happens.