OMG! So I made a thread earlier about buying the Schecter Hellraiser and got some questions answered. Apparently at guitarcenter now you CANNOT haggle =/ And floor models cost the same as new unless damaged? wth. Anyway, got me a nice non FR Hellraiser, $635 after savings



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schecter never oils fretboards...shame shame oil that baby up
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Change the damn picture sizes, this is ridiculous...

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Very nice.

Geez when Schecter makes a batch of these they must have to make 1 White one, 4 Black ones and 995 Red ones, its ridiculous.
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i think ur gonna get flamed pretty bad.

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I want it...

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

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I have something similiar but it doesnt have that abalone oulining. Kind of gives your guitar that stained glass look though. BTW is it just me or does everyone hate how Schecter has to put DIAMOND SERIES right under thier name? Its like freaking chinese companies.... Thermaltake COOL ALL YOUR LIFE! :P
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Hell yeah, another guy in the Schecter army.
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take a pic of the entire thing as a whole

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

beautiful... I want one!
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Awesome guy right here

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Great looking guitar, but I'm curious - what's in all the RoHS compliant boxes?

Electronic pieces-parts, nothing guitar related.

I'm babysitting all day today and won't get home to play the Hellraiser until after 4, gah!

And after some brief drop D jamming last night I'm convinced this is the best guitar for my style of music, can't wait to get home!
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She's a beauty.
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