I've got a Line 6 Spider 3 150watt amplifier and I'm wondering what presets or custom tones you guys use. I've been searching and I just can't find the right tones for the song "One" by Metallica. So if you will, could you reply by saying what settings or presets you use on your line 6 to get that clean and distorted tone for One? If you use your own custom settings could you please tell me what the exact settings are so I could try them out for myself. Thanks.
you dont need to use one of the presets, you can set your own.
so experiment with the settings and find one that sounds like it.
i use a twang, with a little delay and a litttleeee chorus flange or phaser
"I use a real amp"

but really, with a spider, just mess with it.
your not really gonna get any one tone that is all that great.
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