alright im not entirely sure if im going to sell my stuff yet, but i need money by a couple of months for new geear. anywho

i have a

1) epiphone les paull 100 [ebony] - mint condition, no scratches, etc. the plastic covering is still on the pick gaurd. ive had it for 6 months so faar

2) squire black stratocaster [with gigbag]- just a typical squire, some bumps and scratches, just a couple. i got it from a friend its just horrible i dont even want to play it

3) fender froontman 15g- nothing special

4) digitech RP300A- nothing much

how much? for each?

i plan on buying a new load out consisting of a gibson sg faded and a new amp, so...
i need help deciding what amp to buy.

particularly 200$ tops 230 would be pushing it. im looking for a nice practice amp taht i can leave in my room and not cause too much noice, but one that can double function as a small performance amp for small crowds
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Quote by T!AN
1) 75$ maybe
2) again 75$ maybe
3) 30$ if anything
4)no idea

the les paul 100 for 75?
the thing retails at 270$ right now!
^ I had no idea those were such a ripoff...

Anyway I change my estimate to about 150$ (tops) then...
Quote by T!AN
^ I had no idea those were such a ripoff...

Anyway I change my estimate to about 150$ (tops) then...

hahah well im in no position to be dissing you for your sugestions because im the one asking anywho thanks :]
Keep in mind it's not so much what you paid for it, it's what it's worth to someone else. So ~$150 for the epi, maybe $120 for the squire (depending on the damage), ~$40 for the amp, and the digitech could fecth about $120.
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epi orig- 284$
squier orig - ~200$
fender amp - orig 80$
digitech rp300 - ~200$

maybe you can sell it like this..
epi - 200$
squier - 120$
fender - 60$
digitech - 150$

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