Alright I now theres a drug thread but i just wanna get this posted and answered quickly cuz I have to go

I smoked weed about 3-4 weeks ago, not sure exactly. Today I had to get a blood test cuz of some medical problems I've been having (not weed related, as far as i know). Are they going to pick up the thc or whatever the chemical is in my bloodstream?As far as I know they did a metabolic count, blood panel, and tests for mono and lyme disease. What are the chances of the weed showing up?
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there's no chance of it showing up unless they specifically test for it. In your case, they would have no reason to test you for THC, and would simply ask you first anyways.
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Thank you, I thought they had to specifically test for it but my friend was telling me I was screwed.
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon