I just got a Boss ODB-3 overdrive pedal and I've been fooling with the knobs around trying to get a more metal sound (like the bass in Tool, Killswitch Engage, and Disturbed). Anyone have any ideas how i get that sound or if it is even possible to get it with my pedal?
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mess with it. It is more of a fuzz, though.

also, for your own good, I would choose a new dream bass.
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The OBD-3 is nothing like a fuzz.!

Anyway I wouldn't distordt my bass too much, keep the blend relatively low. In the mix of a metal band, I find that light overdrive is much better for the band's sound as a whole than heavy, over-the-top distortion.
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Most metal bass is actually clean ,because distortion easily muddies up the sound of a band.
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I dont know about the others, but Mike D. from Killswitch doesnt use any effects.

I also totally agree that usually keeping your sound clean is going to help your sound stand out behind the guitars.
Scoop the mids, the EQ is just as important as the Distortion set, if not more so
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