Right i have cubase sx3 and i downloaded some vst - asian instruments , and well i downloaded the zip file , then i browsed through program files , clicked steinberg then cubase sx3 then opened vstplugins folder, i then extraced the new downloaded files into that folder
i then opened cubase sx3 and looked under vst instruments but it was not to be found, what am i doing wrong?
I don't really know for Cubase, but I know Cakewalk has a vstconfic utility that you have to run after you've downloaded a new VST that configures it for Cakewalk.

Maybe Cubase has something similar?
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If it's a VSTi then press F11 and click on "no intrument" and see if it's there.

If it's a VST then add it to your tracks Insert section.

You might have a folder called VstPlugins in C:\Program Files. Try extracting the vst there too.