I want to turn my old PROEL volume pedal into an expression Flanger pedal, because the volume pedal is really starting to suck... makes heaps of noise in the heel position now...
Is it possible to fit a Flanger circuit board into the casing of my PROEL volume and then drill a hole under the treadle to put in a wah DPDT switch, then somehow hook it up to the rolling thing (that turns as you move the treadle, to alter volume level)?
Infact, is it at all possible to make an expression Flanger like this?

Or would it be easier to just turn it into a high frequency wah and use it like a flanger?

it might be doable. You would need a flanger circuit board of coarse, but instead of one of the pots be normal, use the pot in the volume pedal, so you can control how intense the pedal is orr something...

but you also gotta think about the pot resistor values and such... I dont actually know how a wah pedal is set up to work i've never looked at one. But most flangers don't even have a volume knob, although attaching a pot to the output cable would make it so you could I guess, but in your pedal line you would loose tone as you lowered the volume just like it does on the guitar...

But i think modding a flanger pedal and using the volume pedal to adjust the depth or the rate or something would be interesting...thats just me though
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There's an expression pedal input on my Line 6 MM4 so that you can do this, but that would mean I'd have to go and buy one and then it would affect all of the effects on it... whereas I just want a unique Expression Flanger separate, also so that I can free up a space in my MM4 for another effect.