I've been playing acoustic guitar for two years now and I'm looking at getting my first electric guitar soon. I figured I would ask here for recommendations on a good guitar-amp combo. Something between $200-$450 would be great. I'm probably gonna be playing mostly Shinedown, STP, or RHCP but I may venture into some metal. Something that looks cool would definitely be a plus as well. I'm kinda put off by faded-tarnished looks and weird patterns..
So...If anyone has any good suggestions, let me know.
If I would you I would start off with a cheap strat knock-off (I recommend Jay Turser guitars), then go after an amp like a Valve Jr.

But don't take my word too highly, I don't even own a Valve Jr!
Man...wherer to start! At the lowest budget, I would reccomend SX guitars. Incrediblly nice at twice the price. Next step up would be Jay Tursers. From there, sky's the limit. I've heard very positive things from Xaviere as well in the affordable area. Come by my site (see sig). Maybe we can help you out.