THanks for checking out this thread and any comments will be really helpful to me
i know there is a lot of words in this but please bear with me

1) What are the differences between original FR and licensed and are there differences between different types of licensed FRs or between licensed FR just locking tremelo bridges?

2) Are the pickups on the guitars any good or should i consider either a)replacing them or b) using the money i would have spent on new pups for a higher end guitar

these are just guitars between $300-500 US on musiciansfriend.com and i am welcome to any suggestions you may have but i will say this:
the guitar must have a FR or similar tremelo system and locking nut
the guitar must have 24 frets
the guitar can't just be one pickup (like the Alexi Laiho models, i need tonal versatility in my guitar)
the guitar can't be too expensive (im a poor boy )

Here are two Esps i have come up with. Please tell me which you think is better and help me out with the questions about the tremelo system and pups

ESP LTD MH-103 Quilted Maple Electric Guitar

this guitar seems nice but again there is the deal with the "double locking bridge." i like how it has one humbucker and two single coils because i own a strat lookalike and it seems like it would be weird to just totally ditch single coils. does any1 have any experience with this guitar?

SP M-200FM Electric Guitar

this guitar reminds me of the MH-103 but has two humbuckers and no middle pup. are the other parts better than the MH-103 or not?

so how do those two compare? personally im leaning toward the Mh-103 but im not sure it's that good but it looks better to me

i also have two Ibanezs and want to know which you think is better

Ibanez RG4EXQM1 Quilted Maple Top Electric Guitar

how does this guitar compare to the RG Edge III? They are basically the same thing but the RG Edge III says that it has an Edge III bridge but this one doesn't say what kind of tremelo bridge it has

Ibanez RG Edge III Electric Guitar

i think i played this guitar once at guitar center and it was really fast and it also has an Edge tremelo which (according to a book by Dan Erlewine, guitar luthier) is the best of the licensed FR tremelos. are the pickups any good and is the tremelo really that great?

again, like with the esps i want to know about the tremelos and the pups (althoug hi think the pups are the same for those two)

here are two that aren't really that are a little different in case you might not like the other ones and think that either the pups are bad (the RG350MDX has different pups than the other ibanezs) or the tremelos are bad (the epiphone has an original FR)

Ibanez RG350MDX Electric Guitar

this guitar has an edge tremelo and some weird looking pups. does any1 know how good they are?

Epiphone EM-2 Prophecy FX Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo

this guitar has active epiphone pickups and that could be good or really bad. also it has an original FR which i guess is better than a licensed one???
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A Licensed Floyd Rose is made by the company that issues the guitar, generally they are made en masse to suit with the companies guitar, as opposed to getting the actual, original patent Floyd Rose from Floyd Rose. They obviously don't meet the standards of a true FR, but make it none the less.

As for the pickups, I doubt the stock ESP ones aren't going to be too great, the Ibanez pups would probably be better, but the Edge III trem blows ass.
You could swap them for higher performance ones.

Have you looked into schecter?
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