OK guys, the time has come to sell the ol' POS and i was wondering what you guys think i could get for it. Its an MG50 with the footswitch, and sounds good though it was repaired about half a year ago. Retail price for this amp is around 375, and I have only played it above half volume on a handful of occasions. What do you guys think would be a reasonable price to put up on craigslist?
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200 tops

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200? I suppose? Not really because of how you use it, sounds like you kept good care of it. There's just kind of a "OMG I HATE MG'S !!!" mentality about them. Not saying I want or would use one, but if I had only that I'd be okay with it. But good luck man.
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Might want to go as high as $400, people will haggle your testicles off on cragslist... I'm guilty of it myself. If you do go lower than $375, mention that the price isn't negotiable so people aren't dissapointed when they figure out they won't be able to get it for $300.
you'd be surprised how many people will buy it because it says Marshall.

My gf did that and now I have an MG50dfx sitting behind me... but it was better than my 30 watt Marshall. My new amps comin in a week or two though, so no worries.

I'd go for say 325 if u bought it for 375, listen to offers, see what ppl will pay.
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I sold my MG15 for $75 lol

Talk about pulling money out your ass...
I got some good guitars, yo.
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Talk about pulling money out your ass...

ahha again people buy it because it says "Marshall" so they think it's good. I wouldn't be surprised if you got a good deal on selling it.
I'd have moral qualms about selling an MG to a poor unsuspecting newbie...
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Well i used to own a mg50. I put it on craigslist for sale for 200, i didn't get an email for it till about 2 months later. Guy offered my now 4x12 peavey cab for the Mg50 and a brownsville LP copy with alnico 2 pups. Don't know if it was me who got ripped or him who got ripped, but i don't think either one of us regrets doing the trade. So the moral the story is, if you were ignorant enough to buy a mg marshall, you might turn it into something better. One man's trash is another man's beloved bass heavy cab.
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^Yeah I would too. My friend said he wants me to sell him my Line 6 Spider III...

Hah! I sold my Spider II 112 for 200 bucks!

I love unsuspecting noobies!
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say youll sell it for 300, and expect about 200
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Remember that the MG half stack is the highest selling amp on guitarcenter.com, so it shouldn't be that hard to offload in on eBay.
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Remember that the MG half stack is the highest selling amp on guitarcenter.com, so it shouldn't be that hard to offload in on eBay.

Not so much. People who don't know much about guitars usually don't know how much better of a deal buying used stuff can be, so there's a lot more experienced guitarists per capita in the used market than there is at say, GC or Musiciansfriend. Plus, the price difference between new and used low- end stuff is a lot less significant than higher- end stuff.

At least, that's my theory.
^ True, true...

But if I can get rid of my crappy Crate he can get rid of a Marshall. As long as it's priced well, it will sell.
$300 if your lucky, or find some newb who just started playing guitar. He'll most likely know the Marshall name and go for it.
Find a newb who loves Static X...
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Find a newb who loves Static X...

I like Static-X. Just hate their tone... IMO Wayne would be better off with a 6505. Someone should smack him. Good music though.
It's not impossible. I had an MG for a year n a half and sold it for $200 more than i bought it.

Go ebay!
If all else fails trade it into GC. You probably won't get too much money for it, but they'll take it. They priced my MG250 at 250 (funny I thought), so I guess it could be worse. As soon as I get enough money for a head though, I'm getting rid of the damn thing and getting a cab with the money from the MG.
Sell it to your very own local guitar naab..

Not saying MGs are so hard to sell only the new guitarists will buy it...

Oh yeah.. I am
I've sold my MG10 for 35 pounds on ebay when it was around 50 new. Loads of noobs will buy it.

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i see MG half stacks fly off the shelves on boston craigslist for ~$600-800. their turnover is always under one week. so many people want them because of the marshall logo.

however, i've been seeing this orange rockerverb 212 for $1500 for the past month, relisted every week, but no takers. i saw a mesa rectoverb 112 listed for a month or so before it stopped being listed for $900 or so. a tremoverb for $1200. come on, all the real deals just sit there... shame.
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Bought my MG10 in 2002 for $80, sold it in March (almost 6 years old) for $75. Not too shabby
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