There really isn't one. I got it because there were tabs that were 5* but only for powertab but i never use it anyways.
I dont think i will.

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its used to help with timing, rather then just reading the tablature and guess the timing of the song, if you do not have the song on hand

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Use it to tab your own songs/write parts for other people to hear and learn/ write parts for instruments you might not play/ write out all of your ideas to help you remember them.
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I think it has the sheet music for the guitar parts under it. Really useful since you can't find sheet music for certain genres.
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timing, free, better than normal tabs
also then you can download them onto your computer and save them (in case you have a laptop)...although it is possible to do that with normal tabs, you've gotta save them in the other program.
oh, and you can listen to the song (sort of, doesn't sound too good, not gonna lie)
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It's almost as good as guitar pro, but it's free.

Guitar pro IS free IF you want it to be.
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Guitar pro IS free IF you want it to be.

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