Whats up everybody.. I am going to be purchasing a MIM strat and would like to purchase the black heart little giant half stack after reading good reviews on this site. It would be my first quality amp. I want to be able to play guns and roses, bruce springsteen, audioslave/ratm, and maybe some metal stuff. My budget is sub-800 dollars, the guitar is going to run me around 400 new id presume and the amp is 300 bucks, with that extra hundred dollars I need to be able to get some distortion on the amp. How do i do this ? do i need a pedal?

Also, for sub 800 dollars is there a better combination of amp/pedal/guitar youd reccomend for an advanced novice. I also need to be able to play at a relatively low volume do to my new location in my grandmas basement and she wont be cool with loud loud guitar playing, but i dont want to settle for ****ty tone...please gimme some advice...thanks guys.
im in like the exact same situation as you, and getting the exact same equipment, except i am using my $100+ to get a distortion pedal ($40-50) and wah ($60+)
i think you should get a les paul instead of a strat. and also a pedal to boost the amp. 5 watts is loud, so you may actually want a distortion pedal if you can't crank it often. i say you try out a stahuator =). but a visual sound jekyll and hyde would be a good choice if you want a boost and a distortion. but personally i would get the epiphone valve junior and and eq pedal. this is cheaper and will give you the option to buy a better guitar, or maybe a better pedal or some other accesories (strap, strings, picks...pickups maybe?)
Yes, mrchow has some good suggestions. A guitar with humbuckers would suit your styles more. 'Buckers tend to push amps a little harder, too.

Get a boost, not a distortion. Digitech Bad Monkey, Ibanez TS-9, Maxon OD808 or OD909 (I think that's what it is....) will do the little Blackheart a fair deal more than a distortion.

To be honest, it might be a good idea to get an Epi Les Paul and a slightly better amp than the Blackheart. But that's just my opinion...

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thx for the replys guys..i still have a while to make some money and make up my mind.. how do i connect the amps and pedals?
Short version:
Guitar > Lead > Pedal > Lead > Amp

Long version:
Guitar > Lead > Overdrives, Wah etc. > Lead > Amp input > FX loop out/preamp out > Lead > Time-based FX (chorus, phaser, delay etc.) > Lead > FX loop in/poweramp in
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does anyone know if cables come with the guitar/amp/pedal or do i have to buy three separate cables..and does the head of the stack come with a cable to connect to the cabinet?
you buy cables separate. you might be able to get them to stick in a free one or something when you buy though. maybe. dunno bout the stack though.