hi ive got a punkifier that i passed to an exfriend after many months of unfriendly ways to get it back (including to a mic tasken hostage) i maneged to get it back, but it had no wiring left inside so i found a wiring diagram on schematicheaven and it haven't really help me so looking at it and the board for a couple of months so if anyone has on out there please open it and post a picture.
i cant remember how it sounded but i remembered that i liked it

if its got no wiring, its not really a punkifier, more of a box

has the board got labels on it, i've seen some that have things like 'in sleeve' and 'gain 3' on them to show where the wires went

so your mate ripped out the wiring before he gave it to you?

other than that, i can't really help an awful lot, i mean you could find where all the switches and pots are on the schem and link it up to the component.