What is this "technique" in have a cigar called? Is it an actual chord that was inserted in the solo or is it a double stop? It's right around the 3:35-3:36 mark. Thanks

have a cigar
I just looked it up and it is indeed a double stop. Thanks for the conformation BGC. And btw, did you go to school to gain all of your knowledge in theory? I was just wondering because you are extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Thanks again
Despite claims to the contrary, I don't have a PhD in music theory (of cosmology) and I don't teach at Temple. I'm merely a mathematics student who just happens to like music and studied it extensively in high school via the UG forums and private instruction.

I was in my school's chorus class in middle and high school but that didn't help at all and may have impacted me negatively (teacher was an ass; I generally suggest school music programs).
Yea i took band in middle school. I played the trumpet for about 3 or 4 years. I got a good dose of basic theory such as what time signatures are how to read music,keep time etc. I think the sense of rhythm I gained in band has helped my guitar playing. I know there are some things I have forgotten that I learned from that class but you and quite a few others have been a tremendous help as I've been trying to dive deeper into theory and obtain a greater understanding of how music works. Thanks again.
Awesome! I played trumpet for 3 years, and am a maths student, I gave up trumpet for guitar and drums, and am in the process of learning all my theory
theory will kill all your music....

just kidding baby, love you and love theory.

theory is good timez.