Poll: do you play a ukulele?
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11 22%
39 78%
Voters: 50.
does anyone else here play ukulele?
it seems like a dumb instrument but it's actually pretty fun.
Yes, and it's an amazing instrument!
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i bought one for 20$ at a walmart in maui

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Never played one but I've been meaning to get one.. looks like it would be a lot of fun.
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No, but I want one. And a banjo.

I want a banjo too. Then i can take it to my school without anyone saying 'Can i have a play', instead they'll be like 'OMGZ he has a banjo, lets leave him'.
I do own one. I don't know any songs which are specifically for ukulele though...
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Actually the questions should be "Do you play an Ukulele"

No, it shouldn't.
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I'm thinking of buying one as a present for someone. For all you ukelele-ists (probably not the right word ) can you get an okay-ish one for around £50?
I've got one but I never play it.

First of all I'm afraid of loosing my guitar skills and I also think I should rather pratice playing the electric guitar when I have time to pratice...
I had one but didn't know how to play it. I gave it to my cousin.