Hi, my name's Randy Littlefield and I'm here to promote my new MDM band, Zius. Currently we only have me, Guitarist, and my cousin on vocals but we're hoping to gain some popularity and do some try-outs to get more members. We have various influences including bands like, Kalmah, Wintersun, At The Gates, Amon Amarth and other MDM bands. Anyway, I hope to take Zius farther than most of my other failed bands and I ask you guys for help :P. All you need to do is just Friends Zius on myspace at....


We have nothing in terms of songs right now as we just started yesterday. Anyway, if you think we'll go anyway, just friends us and check on Zius from time to time. Oh, we hail from Seabrook, New Hampshire. Cya and thanks for reading and giving me the time :P.
Melodic Death is the only way.
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We will try to record, as we already have all the equipment we need due to my cousin's uncle, as soon as we get a concrete line-up. Thanks for actually giving me your time dude :P. Cya
Melodic Death is the only way.