What is the difference between a Combo and HalfStack? Stupid QUestion i know but i wanted a half stack and everyone says get a combo and idk the difference
a combo combines the amplifier and speakers in one. It is much more portable then a stack

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a combo is all built together half stack is amp head and one cabinent
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Hey Deadkid - just to help you one step further go to this link and look at the differences at the bottom of the page.

See the 100 Head? That would plug into say a 412 slant cabinet. The head is the amplifier and holds the tubes, electronics and knobs. The cabinet has nothing but speakers. Different amplifier heads can work on different cabinets as long as they are matched power-wise. In general.

Now see the 212 and 112 Combo's? Those have the amplifier parts and one or two speakers built into one box. Usually cheaper and easier to carry around.

412 = 4 12" speakers. 212 = 2 12" speakers. etc. Hope that helps a bit more for ya.


Halfstacks have one advantage though, if you want a better head you could just buy a different head but save the cabinet.

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Ok, next question what would you guys recommend as a good combo? I want to look around 250-500 bucks maybe and i was a lot of power and good tone. Atm i have a 15 watt marshall and i want to upgrade