just thought i`d let you guys know, i finally did it.. for now LOL, My amp was broken, something fryed out on it, so i brought it in to get fixed and Glen of Morris amps fixed her all up for me, it`s a JCM 900, all new tubes, couple things inside replaced, sounds so much better now, plus i got a MXR 10 band EQ in the effects loop, the store is letting me try it out, OMG.... the EQ is the best, it`s exactly what i`m looking for, now that my head is putting uot the amount of gain it`s suppost to, the MXR 108 fills everything out and really pushes the bottem end, i HIGHLY recommed this pedal, i`ve only had it today so far, and the 1st 2 seconds i had it on, i was like this is what i`ve been looking for.

so any JCM 900 owners out there, the MXR 108 10 band EQ is a MUST.

oh and as a bonus i think this pedal is gonna solve my horride feed back problem too.
Congrats on the end of the tone quest. For now, ofcourse.
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Haha, it's not over yet. I'm completely with you on the EQ though, I don't have an MXR but they fine tune your sound - even my cheapy 6-band Rocktek EQ helps SO much. Like you said, it can bring the bottom end up and help you cut through the bass and drums.