Yet another..it would see as though i am pulling these outta my ass...tell me wht u think

And The Hipocrite Shall Crawl Along The Ground

Shane Sizemore


Hiding behind your empty smiles

Brings you nothing but shame

Just to lift the burdon from yourself

To me you pass the blame

Yet once upon a hollow stone

You sat and played your game

With nothing, nowhere left to go

It is naught but all the same


How quickly we defend our views

When under a microscope

But a hipocrite will turn on his

Just to steepen the slope

Verse 2

Often saying one thing

When another thing we mean

By deceit we may be richer

Than at first it seems

Though it's usually frowned upon

To slither and conive

There are certain things that one must do

To make it out alive


Verse 3

Watching now and waiting still

In the calm before the storm

As the people pitch their lies to you

To get you to conform

Whilst walking down the barren street

You stop to recall and mourn

To bring your mind into the now

To mend those who've been torn
I liked this one...it's my kind of style

I like your word choice...it gives good imagery and the type of words make this sound legit and not amateurish

and I believe the correct spelling is hypocrite

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Dude, with a name like Cannibal Corpse, what were you expecting? Ponies and rainbows?